Custom made-to-order

Custom made-to-order

We want to make sure the garment is perfect for you. We can make changes to suit you. Therefore, the making of the garment begins after the order is placed.
You can add your special requests to your cart. Or contact us after your order.

We can change the length of the dress sleeves. Longer or shorter

*We can make changes to the trouser legs. Longer, shorter, nastier, or narrower.

*We can make changes to V neckline. Deeper or higher

* We can add or remove pockets

Add your personalization (optional)

Please add your bust, waist, hip, and height measurements. I'll be happy to help you choose the right size and length of clothing you like
*Returns for personalized items are not accepted. So, make sure you take your measurements correctly.

Thank you!

How can I take my measurements accurately?

Do not tighten too much, just wrap it around your body.

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