My story & stores

My story & stores

Hello, I'm Rūta.

I live in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our workplace location is here. I am shipping your orders to you from Vilnius.

Although is a very young website, as a brand it has been meeting with natural clothing lovers for five years in my first store on the ETSY platform.

As in any business, beginnings require some time. Gaining people's trust is more difficult in international online stores. Fortunately, the situation is a little different now. Interested people can find our ETSY store and take a look.


When my first son was born, I took a break from my old job as a fashion editor at a local magazine. I devoted all my time to him. When my son started kindergarten, it was time to start my new job. My childhood memories played a big role in choosing this job, which I am familiar with. As you know, linen fabric is all-important and occupies a place in the history of Lithuania. My mother and grandmother used to sew dresses from linen fabric for themselves. I used to watch them. I decided to develop it a little more.


Of course, making dreams come true doesn't happen in one day. I attended for three years sewing and fashion design courses to improve myself. I was confident in the quality of my work, but the hardest part was marketing. I was aware of the competition I was in. It was most logical to start on a reliable platform like ETSY to reach more people.


Positive feedback from you makes me happy and motivates me more for my work. I strive to fulfill the requirements of a sustainable business and to improve myself a little more every day.


The new order from both places takes their place in the same to-do list according to its time. Production is with the same care and sensitivity in both places. There is no priority given. We do not pay extra taxes on our site ( Therefore, prices may be lower and discount rates higher.

In conclusion, no matter which site you choose, I try to do my best.
Thank you very much
Best regards, Rūta

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